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Mark Frendo: I’m a Father of four originally from the mean streets of Croydon, living in another part of Surrey.

I have been inspired to write from different sources, from my love of football (having had articles in
‘Total Football’ and ‘Kick it City’ Magazines in the 90's) and the love of my children, having written
three novels for them thus far.

Speculative fiction has been a favourite genre for me to read, but the future always seems to look
so bleak. We can do so much better!

This was the inspiration for ‘Human Revolution.’ I first put pen to paper on the project in 2019. The World has changed a lot since then, but the sources of inspiration have exacerbated. What will Humanity look in 30 years time, and is it what we really want? This is still a question that I think is today, more difficult to answer than it has ever been.

I regularly annoy the family by plucking on my bass guitar, badly I know. Having a mix up on the
turntables is something I also enjoy, and in the last year screen printing has emerged as my first
choice top hobby.

Pudding Press titles: 

  • Human Revolution


Shefali Wardell is the Pudding Press founder. As well as writing, she works with other arts projects and is an illustration lecturer with Falmouth University. 

Most of her formative arts years were spent making latex horror prosthetics for productions, inspired by Buffy and Hellraiser but she wanted to move on to telling her own stories. Still a fan of body horror, she also often writes non-horrific but slightly peculiar stories. 

Pudding Press titles

  • Hungry

  • Murder in Marrakech and Other Stories

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