What we are, how we got started and why you might want to support or follow us. 


Pudding Press Ltd is an independent micro publishing company set up in 2014. Our founder came from an arts background but had worked as a commercial copywriter for several years while studying.

She wanted to publish her own writing but within a proper editorial structure. Inspired by working predominantly in the visual arts, she envisaged a collaborative working method as well as maintaining creative autonomy and freedom in the way visual artists do.

Another goal behind Pudding Press was to continue with practice based research in to new arts business models. Experimentation into new ways of working could involve rewarding creatives financially much better than is the norm by using contracts inspired by the film industry, establishing ethical business practices that do not involve relying on free internships and looking at the possibilities of affordable project development away from establishment or corporate patronage.  

With these ideas in mind, Pudding Press Ltd was set up as a small company that has minimal outlay and so unlike the big publishing houses could afford to publish a first book that would most likely be a slow burner. Digital technology has helped us greatly in this, but we're looking at different funding models still for our next book, and are still working on matters of pricing and distribution. 

In the meantime if you like imaginative short stories or fictive art theory, do consider buying a copy to support us.