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  • Where do I buy Pudding Press Ltd Books?
    We sell our books in all regular formats including physical copies and ebooks. We're happy that with our new store launch in 2019, we also provide a free ebook of your choice (epub or PDF) when you buy a physical copy from us. We also sell ebooks separately in our store. Two other popular ebook stores are Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. You can purchase our books from these stores in their respective formats. The best place to buy the hard and paper back copies of our books is from our online store on this site. Our books are also on all the main book lists, so you should be able to buy them from your local bookstore, although some times this can involve a wait. We are a tiny press so work with a range of different printing solutions but usually print in small quantities. As we're also the main distributer for our books, an accurate retail stock quantitiy is usually shown next to the product in out store.
  • Are you taking writer submissions?
    We have specific projects from time to time where we might be looking for writers. Please check this website or subscribe to our news and updates if you would like notice of these times. Otherwise we're such a tiny concern that we don't take specularive enquiries at the moment.
  • What is different about your publishing model?
    We're tiny and cheapish to run, which means that we've been able to make choices about publishing our books differently. Nothing is ever perfect, and so this has been an evolving project but at the moment we have a few points of difference. By buying a book from us you're supporting these aims and also supporting independent publishing. Due to the nature of our business setup, as well as marketing power, our books are not going to be in WHSmith shops in the airport or winning the Man Booker prize. We don't offer giant publishing advances to writers either, and for many people finding a large traditional publisher will be a better route to becoming a full-time, well paid author. We do however do some things that make our books a bit different. If you read one, let us know what you think. - Being fully independent and without the need to run hugely expensive ad campaigns and swanky offices we can publish whatever we like. Short stories, unusual subject matter, unpopular niches and different writing styles all feature, even when the market tells traditional publishers not to touch these things. - The book design can be a little bit different and we even often give authors some choice over the way the physical covers look. - Our founder and director started the company so she could publish her own writing but within a strong editorial structure, so this is a company that was set up with creativity and not just profit in mind - although we do try to sell books so that people can actually make some money from their writing. - We often work within a collaborative editing structure that helps to shape the work really differently than otherwise, and editors who work on these titles also get royalties in the same way that authors would. - We try to take the smallest cut of the sales revenue possible. So after manufacturing costs, our percentage is mainly to cover the costs of book publishing and the smaller costs in keeping the company running - things like business banking, office addresses etc all cost money. Other than that, we don't need to grow hugely as a company. Sometimes we need to pay staff but as our owner is a writer, she has the ability to earn money from her own writing instead of earning it from the writing of others, so our cut of the book sales tends to get ploughed back in to the company. It also means that as long as things are ticking over, we don't have to grow and grow and ... grow and grow a bit more. This is an economics of sustainable abundance rather than perpetual growth and we're seeing how far we get with this. - We put our writers at the top of the pile when it comes to revenue. They still might not get very much per book sold, due to manufacturig costs and the huge complications of distribution and list pricing, but percentage wise they should be taking the most. - To make up for not being able to offer big publishing advances, we have a range of other interesting contracts that offer the chance to get long-term royalties on slow burners. - As of 2019, we've been around for 5 years and during that time we've not made a real profit but neither are we running on any kind of deficit. This whole project was firstly to enable the publishing of work, and a company structure was the best way to do that, and secondly to investigate the possibilities of different economic models. If you buy anything from us, you're directly helping us succeed. If you don't want to buy then please borrow our books from your local library, like and share on social media, review anywhere or generally spread the word. The more books we sell, the more our authors get paid. As writing, even for big publishers, barely makes most authors any kind of living wage, we're hoping that eventually our books will yield a better income for people who might not otherwise be published.
  • Have you got any other jobs going?
    As we're so small we rarely take on new writers but are sometimes looking for other roles. We'll usually advertise for these, so sign up for news and updates if you are interested in working for us. We don't use unpaid interns, as we have a commitment to paying at least something for work undertaken, so this means we can employ far fewer people but the following types of jobs can sometimes come up. Most of these at the moment will be freelance positions but help us spread the word and we might be able to have some permanent staff some day. - Graphic Designers / Book Design - Proofreaders - Copy editors - Collaborative editors - Illustrators - Accountants and book keepers - Admin assistants - Sales staff
  • Where are you based?
    We're currently based in the UK, in England, and if we earn enough money we pay our corporation tax here too.
  • Any thoughts about piracy and free downloads
    It's a tough one because as teenagers we remember taping songs off the radio, getting 2/3 of the song and desperately hoping the DJ wasn't going to butt in too quickly at the end. Getting the actual album for birthdays or with pocket money was better but we still made the tapes. Overall though one of our ebooks costs as little as £2.50, and if you won't even pay that then you're saying you feel it's okay to enjoy reading something but not to pay the author, the editor, the publisher and by extension anyone else who might be working for the publisher, tax that the publisher would be paying. In the UK, so much corporation tax goes towards funding the NHS, pensions, schools etc. So just spending a few pounds on a book helps to support all of that infrastructure. Without anyone paying for books, that's a lot of jobs that would not even be there. Not all book sellers are big faceless off-shore giants who don't pay their tax anyway. Buy from our shop and at least you'll know you're feeding a real economy and not just a hedge fund. Digital technology is amazing and it's one of the reasons we got to be a tiny micro press. We probably couldn't have done this in another era. The digital by nature is viral, borderless and collaborative, so wonderful as that is, it just aids things like book piracy. Maybe a solution to this is to organise society a bit better so that even poorly paid authors can afford to live without being hand to mouth. But until we've done that, please consider just buying the book because the price of a book is a very, very cheap way of saying thank you to someone for giving up a bit of themselves to you. If you choose to still download a pirate copy then we hope you enjoy it anyway. Please consider giving back something by spreading the word or leaving the author a review - Goodreads, Amazon or social media are great places to do this. Also please just be aware of the choice you are making.
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