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Pudding Press Public is a new initiative, community and service for indie authors and micro publishing projects who might want to work with us, or get some expert tuition for publishing their own work successfully. 


The publishing industry needs new voices. Ones who can get past the gatekeepers and tell the stories we're not hearing. We're such a tiny company that we can only ever work with a handful of authors but we do have plenty of expertise to help you professionalise your publishing project and get it out there. 

We're also building a whole section on our website, and range of activities around the project, which will showcase the best work we find. You can see more info about the company on our about page. 

Fun fact - did you know when a bestseller might not actually be a bestseller? This BBC article delves in to the fascinating world of big publishing that makes things harder for independents and new authors to be read!

What ?

We'll offer you advice, as well as links to the best resources possible to make your project great. Your book will be showcased in the Pudding Press Public section on our site, with links to your own selling platforms. 

To keep this service accessible, and relevant, to all we have two pathways you can choose. 


Pudding Press Public Basics                                    £150

  • ISBN

  • PPP approved list of high quality and independent practitioners to help you out from designers to copywriting along with a one-off basic guide to running your individual project.

  • ​PPP branding / logo for your book

  • A place in our project section on the site

  • A place in selected live Pudding Press stalls

....and more........

Pudding Press Public Pro                                           £5000  
Everything you get with the basic option as well as

  • 6 x 90 min one to one coaching and / or development sessions for your book project with Pudding Press founder. These could include creative development as well as business 

  • One copy editing sweep of the manuscript 

  • Free ticket to the first year of our annual author's lunch

....and more.........

I Want to Publish - How do I Get Involved?

As a micro publishing company ourselves, we want to keep Pudding Press Public about the stories specialise in. So we're looking for people with interesting, dark, horrific, or otherwise generally quirky stories to tell to be involved. Comics, graphic novels and picture books are also very welcome. Head over to our Get Involved page to learn how to apply.  For general info and tips about publishing for all, do check out our blog. 

Sign up to our mailing list to be notified of when we're opening for applications. 

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